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Scoop on Lyme disease and progress

(NaturalNews) On May 22 and May 23 members from the Lyme disease community held a protest at the headquarters of the Infectious Diseases Society of America (IDSA) in Arlington, Virginia. Members from the chronic Lyme community held a sign of 722 names of those who wished to have been... (Source:

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Lyme Disease

New England Journal of Medicine, Volume 371, Issue 7, Page 683-684, August 2014. (Source: New England Journal of Medicine)

UCSF Genomics Diagnostics Team Uses Next-Gen Sequencing as a ‘Laboratory-Developed Test’ to Reveal an Elusive Pathogen’s DNA and Save a Teen’s Life

It took UCSF physicians just 48 hours to identify the bacteria in cerebrospinal fluid that was causing fourteen-year-old Joshua Osborn’s hydrocephalus and status epilepticus There’s rich irony in the FDA’s  recent announcement that it would move forward with plans to regulate “laboratory-developed tests ” (LDTs) just weeks after the national media published stories about how innovative […] (Source: Dark Daily)

Decorin binding proteins A and B in the serodiagnosis of Lyme disease in North America.

Authors: Arnaboldi PM, Sambir M, Dattwyler RJ Abstract The laboratory diagnosis of Lyme disease is based upon the detection of antibodies generated against B. burgdorferi using a two-tier assay, consisting, typically, of an ELISA followed by a western blot. This system, put into place to address nonspecificity associated with standalone first tier assays, is insensitive in the diagnosis of early infection, when most people seek care. The use of bacterial lysates or whole protein antigens as first tier assay targets contributes to nonspecificity due, in part, to the presence of 'cross-reactive' epitopes that are also found in other bacteria. This precludes their use as sensitive standalone assays. The use of peptides containing linear epitopes that are highly specific for B. burgdor...

Repel ticks with this natural oil

(NaturalNews) With summer in full bloom and more and more cases of Lyme disease being reported, many are searching for ways to repel ticks without having to resort to harsh chemicals. Luckily, there is one sweet-smelling alternative that is proving to be quite powerful in the fight... (Source:

Interaction of BBK32 with Fibronectin [Protein Structure and Folding]

BBK32 is a fibronectin (FN)-binding protein expressed on the cell surface of Borrelia burgdorferi, the causative agent of Lyme disease. There is conflicting information about where and how BBK32 interacts with FN. We have characterized interactions of a recombinant 86-mer polypeptide, “Bbk32,” comprising the unstructured FN-binding region of BBK32. Competitive enzyme-linked assays utilizing various FN fragments and epitope-mapped anti-FN monoclonal antibodies showed that Bbk32 binding involves both the fibrin-binding and the gelatin-binding domains of the 70-kDa N-terminal region (FN70K). Crystallographic and NMR analyses of smaller Bbk32 peptides complexed, respectively, with 2–3FNI and 8–9FNI, demonstrated that binding occurs by β-strand addition. Isothermal titration calorimetr...

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You are here: Home is a company whose purpose is to facilitate Lyme patient's intravenous needs when they are obliged to self pay.  This includes both the beginning  of IV antibiotic treatment or antibiotic therapy past the usual six weeks  allowed by insurance coverage.

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Who are we?  We are a group of Lyme disease consultants all of whom have had extensive clinical experience in the treatment of chronic Lyme disease.  We are available to those patients who suspect they may have chronic Lyme disease, but who are not presently being treated for this problem.

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